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Welcome to ASM's Comic-Con International 2009 Coverage! CCI, also known as San Diego Comic-Con, is the mecca of comics, movies, television and other entertainment forms -- and ASM is there! We've set this up like our outstanding Toy Fair coverage. To the left is a list of companies we either have visited or expect to visit.

To the right, you'll see our E-mail address. Use it to contact us with any questions you have. Also, if we know we'll be seeing a certain company, we'll list it with an approximate time of when we expect to have coverage up. Unlike Toy Fair, Comic-Con is mostly "Walk Up", so a specific schedule isn't easy to pin down.

And, of course, this main section is our running blog. As we update galleries, you'll see the day and time of each update listed below, so you'll always know how fresh our news is.

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